I had to write lots of API documentation in markdown once. Existed viewers were either lacking features or additional prerequisites setup was required, where I wanted a simple command to start working, considering multiple working places. So I started on markdown-preview-mode.


  • on save/idle preview update
  • scroll sync
  • custom/extra css and javascript
  • remote preview
  • multiple simultaneous previews

I came across popup-switcher couple years back, loved using interfaces based on popup.el since then. Idea of presenting file outline for scala-mode came naturally and that’s how scala-outline-popup was created, which then transformed into more general imenu list viewer - popup-imenu. Thing I like the most is that it opens at point, so I don’t move my lazy eyes much.

HAL resource representations builder for spray-json

A Scala port of hashids.js library to generate short hashes from one or many numbers. Ported from hashids.java by fanweixiao.

  • Hashid is initialized with an alphabet, salt and a minimum hash length
  • It’s possible to hash single and multiple long numbers
  • Hashes are unique across the salt value
  • Hashes are decryptable to a single or multiple numbers respectively
  • Hashes don’t contain English curse words
  • Supports positive long numbers
  • The primary purpose of hashids is to obfuscate ids
  • Do not use hashids for security purposes or compression